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Best gift ideas for women who enjoy the great outdoors

[fa icon="calendar"] Dec 21, 2017 10:52:01 AM / by Mary Lhowe

Mary Lhowe


By Neil Stawski

Finding the perfect present for everyone on your shopping list can be challenging.  With these great ideas, shopping for the nature loving gals on your list will be a piece of cake.

 Peace and solitude.  Does your gift recipient love to lounge in nature and enjoy quiet contemplation?  These ideas from Business Insider allow your loved one to savor the surroundings and explore creatively.

Take note.  For the woman who enjoys getting in touch with her inner poet or for an aspiring naturalist’s recordings, a pocket notebook is indispensable.  “Field Notes Kraft Notebook” is small enough for a backpack or back pocket so recipients will have it ready when inspiration hits.  

Classic inspiration.  Lounging on a bench with a good book can inspire and encourage nature lovers.  Try “Walden” by Henry David Thoreau.  This classic work stimulates self-discovery and independence.  

Reclining equipment.  If the great outdoors is your nature lover’s living room, an inflatable couch offers relaxation on the fly.  When the opportunity arrives to take in a view, soak up sun or enjoy a power nap, your loved one will be ready.  The “Lamzac Original Air-Filled Couch” weighs about two pounds and packs down into a size roughly equivalent to a bag of chips.  Made of ripstop material that is dirt and moisture resistant.

 Outdoor adventures.  For those ladies on your list who thrive on activities like hiking and camping, here are some terrific choices:

Bird lovers.  Those with their focus on feathered friends will enjoy a pair of binoculars.  The experts at Audubon recommend Nikon’s “Monarch 5.”  It’s a relatively inexpensive pair, is durable, and offers particularly clear vision. 

Ready, aim, shoot!  Shoot a picture, that is - with a handy, pocket-sized digital camera.  Sony makes a terrific point-and-shoot camera with a Zeiss 70mm lens.

 Family fun.  If gathering around the campfire for roasting marshmallows and exchanging ghost stories is your loved one’s style, these recommendations are just right:

Culinary exploration.  For the outdoorsy giftee who loves to cook, the “GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Camper Cookset” is a super choice.  This cookware is attractively designed and comes complete with insulated mugs, bowls, frypan, pot, plates, lids, pot gripper and strainer.  Designed for outdoor duty, this set is durable, lightweight and heats quickly. 

Treasure hunting.  Incorporating GPS technology and an app on your smartphone, the “Cache Advance Dr. B’s Geocaching Beginner Kit” offers hours of outdoor fun for the entire family.  Recommended by Little Family Adventure, this kit has everything you need to start geocaching and the components are waterproof.  

Snack subscription.  For families that are on the go, handy munchables that are healthy choices are hard to come by.  Experts recommend choosing Perky Jerky, a turkey jerky that is all natural, low in calories and fat, and conveniently delivered to her front door.  

 Don’t forget Fido!  For your loved ones whose family adventures include their furry, four-legged friends, here are a couple fantastic suggestions from the experts at Rover:

His own luggage.  The family dog can carry his own gear in a doggy backpack.  Designed just for canine companions, these packs are specially padded for comfort and made for efficient load carrying.  Check out the “Ruffwear Approach Full Day Hiking Pack.” 

Swimming gear.  If Fido loves to dip into ponds or lakes, a waterproof, stink-proof collar with reflective trim is a practical and attractive addition to his wardrobe. like the Ruffwear Headwater.

 Whether she enjoys communing quietly with nature, adventurous outings, family fun, or puttering with her pooch, these terrific gift suggestions will help you find the perfect something special for your outdoorswoman! 

Mary Lhowe

Written by Mary Lhowe