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New exhibit at Rosecliff mansion in Newport RI titled "Bohemian Beauty" showcases objects of the early Arts & Crafts Movement

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Mary Lhowe, Editor,


A new exhibit, Bohemian Beauty: The Aesthetic Movement and Oscar Wilde’s Newport on display through November 4, 2018, in Rosecliff, 548 Bellvue Avenue in Newport, celebrates the Aesthetic Movement (1870-1890), an important era of artistic experimentation. Irish poet Oscar Wilde was a

500-Fire-Screen,-Herter-Brothers.jpgleading proponent of the Aesthetic Movement in Britain, and he traveled to North America in 1882 to promote it. The style was influential in the Gilded Age, as it merged interests in traditional crafts - a precursor of the Arts & Crafts Movement. Plan a visit to see these lovely objects.


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Mary Lhowe, Editor,

Written by Mary Lhowe, Editor,

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