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Old Sturbridge Village will rattle your nerves with scary true history of 19th-century characters

[fa icon="calendar"] Oct 23, 2017 9:56:00 AM / by Mary Lhowe

Mary Lhowe


Old Sturbridge Village, a classy act in all seasons, presents "Haunted by History: A Phantasmagoria" October 25 through 29. Guests will meet Dr. Lantornia, a mysterious showman who promises them he can conjure spirits from New England's past. Within the darkened meeting house, the Doctor leads a séance, awakening ghosts of several New England figures from the 19th century: abolitionist writer Lydia Maria Child, millionaire industrialist Samuel Colt, Commodore Mathew Perry, and prison reformer Dorothea Dix. The séance goes awry when we find out not all is as it seems. Dr. Lantornia has hidden motives! This will be fun. Recommended for vistors above age 14. Map.

Mary Lhowe

Written by Mary Lhowe